To our Cherished Owners of Tajdid – July 2019

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful Peace and blessings upon our beloved master, Muḥammad SallaLāhu‘alayhiwasalllam His family and companions. Our most exciting progress this year has been happening at Tajdid, our holistic Quran memorisation programme. We have successfully implemented our QAF (Qur’an, Arabic and Fiqh) programme. Furthermore, “on the ground” assessment of

Lions Head Hike – June 2019

AlhamduliLlah, by the grace and mercy of Allah, in Youth Month we continue developing our youth within the broader framework of Myinc YLDP,  This time round we go to the world renowned Lions Head Hike (right) on our doorstep in this beautiful city that we call home. It is however a city of stark contrasts