What is Tajdīd:

Tajdīd is a holistic Qur’ān Academy that focuses on memorizing and retaining the Qur’ān, understanding and ultimately personifying it in its pristine, just and loving form.

Where are we:

Tajdīd is based at Stegman Road Mousque Precinct, Claremont, Cape Town and operates from 07:00 to 14:00 pm from Monday to Friday.


What we do:

Tajdīd exists to facilitate the memorization and retention of the Qur’ān whilst understanding and living it.

The study of the Qur`ān:

  • Guides to that which is most upright in this world as well as the next
  • Develops memorization and retentive capacity
  • Develops Grammar, dialectic and rhetoric facilitated by the Arabic language as a medium
  • Develops a strong moral code with the Qur`ān as the guide

Why are we so effective?

  • Our teachers are selected for their integrity, goodwill and role model capacities
  • Our teaching is infused with love and goodwill
  • We are radical about not stymieing the individuality of our learners and do not take the one size fits all approach
  • We employ sound, effective and flexible pedagogical tools
  • Small interactive classes; we scale our impact as opposed to “growing”