Being a MY Inc. facilitator is…

Being a MY Inc. facilitator is more than just about the uniform, it’s about…

I would like to start by thanking Allah (SW) first and then to MY Inc. for allowing me this great opportunity. I would also like to thank the team for their efforts without which these camps would not have been successful.
I love the uniform that MY Inc. provided for us once we were eligible to become facilitators and be part of the actual organising and running of a camp. The camp we ran was by far the most memorable, awesome and incredible. The extra mile everyone went for their team was something to behold. We made sure everything was in place despite only having a few hours of sleep. We made a few mistakes here and there but the team always made an effort to fill the gaps and cover up the faults of each other. Being a MY Inc. facilitator is more than just about the uniform, it’s about being the best human being you can be, having sincerity, concern, love and patience for one another.
It was an honour to experience all these lessons with the MY Inc. team and learning to work together as a team on this camp and I hope we have more like it or even better.
As a great young leader once said: “Prior preparation prevents poor performance. Impossible only means you haven’t found a solution yet. If you have a problem then make a plan, don’t panic, stick to the plan and execute the plan”.

Aqeel Martin

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