How MYinc Brought me to where I am….

In the beginning I thought that it was all fun and games, but it actually all became part of my life.

When I started with Myinc, my first lesson I’ve learnt was respect. When I say respect, I am talking about respect towards myself, to know my worth, and respect for others. It made me realise that if I want respect I must focus on showing the respect to those around me and this is what built love amongst ourselves as a team.

Teamwork gave me structure and made me realise that without teamwork I will struggle in life. I learned that the world does not revolve around me and that with teamwork and supporting each other we can achieve much more big things in life. Without team work it will be as if I’m on my own in this world and that will not be fun.

From time to time you are required to take a hit for the team. This is very difficult but made me realise that sometimes all you can do is make sacrifices and do your best to be a good example for others.

I am generally a loud person that makes a lot of jokes, this is still the same, but I have learned that there is a time and a place for everything.

At the end of it all I learned that to get me and my team to success, as Achmat always says, “we must do what we must before we do what we want”.


Shaquil Brenner