To our Cherished Owners of Tajdid – July 2019

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Peace and blessings upon our beloved master, Muḥammad SallaLāhualayhiwasalllam His family and companions.

Our most exciting progress this year has been happening at Tajdid, our holistic Quran memorisation programme. We have successfully implemented our QAF (Qur’an, Arabic and Fiqh) programme.

Furthermore, “on the ground” assessment of our classes have highlighted certain problem areas which we proactively addressed alhamduliLlah. With the assistance of our strong administration in the form of Ml Saeed with all JD’s and SOP’s in place, we extended this portfolio to include an academic manager that is responsible for:

  1. A) Learning outcomes
  2. B) Trouble shooting
  3. C) Highlighting achievement losses and learning gaps and providing and implementing solutions (dev and improve methodology and appropriate teaching pedagogy)
  4. D) Teacher assessment and progress

The above programme has been conceptualised and implemented by the grace and mercy of Allah with outstanding positive results with outcomes increased trebly. This progress, amongst other principles, is based on:

If children do not learn the way we teach then perhaps we should teach the way they learn 😊

Thank you Donor and request for Your Duahs