Creating Superheroes!


Changing the state of our youth with our youth themselves.

May 13th 2018, the young facilitators of Myinc. released their first graduates into the world! After two years of preparation, development and being molded by young men into significant young leaders, 13 young men are now ready to serve the very communities they grew up in! They have been equipped to run an efficient 32 week program that develops youth and creates young leaders. The program initially spanned two years, and has now, based on data collected, been streamlined to a one year program for our seniors. Using this data, our program content and dedicated young facilitators, we are confident that we will be able to reach our goal of a minimum of 12 graduate members every year bi ithnillah. With more graduates we can reach out to new communities each year which will exponentially scale our impact. If one team of twelve dedicated facilitators produces 12 developed youth leaders in one year, and at minimum this doubles every year, imagine the extent of youth development in our communities a few years from now. If we can hold true to our goal and ensure its longevity, then In shāʾaLlāh what we started on the 16th of June 2016 will indeed have changed the world bi ithnillah.

We humbly request that you support our initiative and participate in this goal to transform our communities by developing young leaders.

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